Church News

  1. Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 11 August 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   My dear friends,   Today’s Gospel comprises parables featuring servant and master. The servants in the parables spend their waiting time differently. Some use it wisely and are ready for the master’s return, others use it badly forgetting that they will be accountable to their master. We are the servants, Jesus […]

  2. Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 4 August 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   My dear friends,   One of the things we all value in this frenetic world is peace and quiet. One of the places where we can famously find this is in church. It is a delight to step inside one of these often cool buildings and, in the silence of a […]

  3. Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) 28 July 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   September is a time when clergy move from parish to parish. Please pray for the following priests who find themselves moving away from familiar places and people, and pray too for those to whom they will be ministering.   Parish Priests: Canon Peter Connor from Clacton to Danbury/South Woodham Ferrers Fr […]

  4. Quadruple Edition 30 June to 21 July 2019

    QUADRUPLE EDITION SS Peter and Paul                                                                                           29/30 June 2019 Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary time (Year C)                                                  6/7   July 2019 Fifteen Sunday – Sea Sunday (Year C)                                                           13/14 July 2019 Sixteenth Sunday (Year C)                                                                            20/21 July 2019 ——————————————————————————————————————————————– Sunday Smile: A priest was a Doctor of Divinity and his wife was a Doctor of Medicine. […]

  5. The Body and Blood of Christ 23 June 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   My Dear Friends,   The Eucharist (also known as the Mass) is not just important, it is essential food for our journey through life. Life deals us many ups and downs and we need all the help we can get. The best and most precious help is to be had through […]

  6. The Most Ho9ly Trinity (Year C) 16 June 2019

    Fr Frank writes: My Dear Friends, For many the Trinity is a problem to be reckoned with rather than a mystery to be entered into. If we take this line we find difficulties as we face what St Thomas Aquinas termed “the misery of language”. How difficult it is to express what we feel. How […]