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  1. Second, Third and Fourth Sundays in Advent (Year C) 5, 12, 19 December 2021

    Second Sunday of Advent Luke 3:1-6 One of the great characters of the Advent season is John the Baptist, the prophet who prepared the way for Jesus. Luke gives an extraordinarily detailed list of the public officials who were in office when John and Jesus began their work and in this way they enter the […]

  2. First Sunday of Advent (Year C) 28 November 2021

    Luke 21:25-28.34-36.   It may come as a surprise that on the first Sunday of Advent we are suddenly immersed in Luke’s version of the long speech of Jesus concerning the future and the end of time. We just need to remember that in Advent we look forward both to the first coming of the […]

  3. Thirty Second Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 7 November 2021

    Mark 12:38-44 We are approaching the end of our reading of the gospel of Mark.  Today’s reading provides a contrast: the self-assured scribes parading their virtue, and the humble widow offering all she had to live on.   Jesus attacks the hypocrisy of those religious people who make an outward show of virtue, but whose […]

  4. All Saints (Year B) 31 October 2021

    Matthew 5:1-12 The feast of All Saints gathers together in one great celebration all those who throughout history have sought for God and found God in Christ.  We celebrate our belonging to the great ‘communion’ of sains’ and long to be fully united with those who have gone before us ‘marked with the sign of […]

  5. Thirtieth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 24 October 2021

    Mark 10:46-52   With this gospel passage we reach the end of chapter 10 of the Gospel of Mark, and, more significantly, we are reaching the end of the journey of Jesus to Jerusalem.  St the beginning of the next chapter Mark will recount the triumphal entry of Jesus into the holy city.  During the […]

  6. Twenty – Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 17 October

    As we have followed the journey of Jesus to Jerusalem in previous gospel passages we have heard him speak repeatedly of what faces him there.  Each time he tells the disciples of his coming death and resurrection, they are reluctant to face the painful reality.  In this passage, once Jesus has spoken of his death […]