Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

Twenty-seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) 8th October

Fr Frank writes


My Dear Friends,


This Sunday, as with the last two, we hear of Jesus likening the Kingdom to a vineyard: a place of order, beauty and warmth – a place which produces something wonderful – ‘wine to cheer the heart of man’. The Chief Priests and Elders are criticised for being unfaithful – just like their ancestors who persecuted the prophets, they will be responsible for condemning the Messiah to death. It is a parable in which Jesus foretells his crucifixion. The vineyard (representing the good earth) is handed over to new tenants. We are those tenants. We are the ones called to be faithful to Our Lord both by word and (more importantly) by the way we live.


On Tuesday this week we have our Parishes day out in Cambridge. The coach leaves Frinton at 9.00am and Dovercourt at 9.30am. Mass will be at Our Lady and the English Martyrs at noon. There will then be plenty of opportunity to find somewhere for lunch before we conclude the day with Evensong in the chapel of King’s College (we meet up by the college’s main entrance at 4.45pm). We will arrive back late, so it would be wise to bring food and drink for the return journey (and don’t forget your pills!)


On Wednesday I have put the Frinton Mass down for 9.00am owing to a 10.30am Funeral Service, and on Thursday I attend an FCCC meeting at Homelands Church at 9.00am and so have put the Frinton Mass back to 11.00am (followed by Adoration). I apologise for any inconvenience these changes may cause you.


May the God of good things bless you all


Frank ofs


Sunday Smile:

Two nuns were driving through the countryside when they ran out of fuel. They walked to a nearby farmhouse for help and the kindly farmer said that they could siphon some of the fuel from his tractor. However, they could not find anything in which to carry the fuel, until the farmer produced a battered old chamber pot. The nuns filled the pot with fuel, walked back to the car and began pouring it in. A passing motorist, hardly believing what he saw, stopped and shouted, ‘I admire your faith, sisters’.