Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

The Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year A) 16/17 September 2017

Fr Frank writes:


My Dear Friends,


Today’s Gospel reading makes clear how important it is for members of any Christian community to be forgiving. Peter asks Jesus how often he should forgive his brother, then answers his own question by suggesting seven times. The Jewish tradition taught that God forgives three times and punishes on the fourth occasion: it was not believed that we could be more gracious than God! By this light Peter is generous. But Jesus makes it clear that our forgiveness should never run out. We should continue to forgive. In fact, our lives should be marked by forgiveness…..it is the defining quality of Christian life. We are called to love one another.


It is with great joy that we Confirm Francetta Twumasi and Receive and Confirm Anabel Cardenas at the Dovercourt Mass today. May God richly bless them and their families today and always.


My apologies, but there will be no Mass at Frinton on Wednesday, as I shall be attending the Stella Maris Mass at the Cathedral that morning. My thanks, as always, to our wonderful ministers who provide us with services of Liturgy of the Word and Holy Communion.


May the Lord Jesus, King of the Universe, bless you now and always.

Frank ofs


Sunday Smile:

Mother:                   Son, it’s getting late. You must get up and go to Mass.

Son:                         But, I don’t want to go.

Mother:                    Give me two good reasons why you shouldn’t go.

Son:                         First, I don’t like the people. Second, the people don’t like me.

Mother:                    I don’t care. It’s getting late, now get up and go.

Son:                         Give me two good reasons why I should go.

Mother:                    First, you are 50 years old, and second, you are the priest.