Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

The Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 27/28 January 2018

Fr Frank writes:


My dear Friends,


At the very outset of his public ministry Jesus proves his authority by demonstrating his power over evil spirits. We should neither be frightened nor fascinated by this power, which he continues to exercise today through those ordained and appointed to mediate it, but rather allow his authority to inspire us to worship him who is not only the destroyer of evil but the source of all holiness.


God has spoken once and for all time in his Son Jesus Christ and there is nothing new which can be added to what he has revealed in and through him. What is still to come is the witness to his love which our lives have yet to show. By listening to his voice in the Scriptures, by confirming my life to his ever more closely, by living according to his teachings, and by drawing upon his life in the holy sacraments, my life will become a testimony to his love.


The clergy of the Colchester Deanery will be holding their Deanery Conference in St Cedds Hall, Frinton-on-Sea on Wednesday this week. Among other things, the Diocesan Plan will be discussed. Our next parishes meeting will be with parishioners from Clacton. The date for this tripartite meeting will be fixed once I have had chance to consult with the other deanery priests.


Confirmation: the bishop will be visiting both parishes in September. If you will be aged at least 14 by September and would like to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, could you please let me know before the end of February.


May the God of all mercy bless you now and always.


Frank ofs


Sunday Smile:

Words of Wisdom:

  • I was just looking at my ceiling. Not sure if it’s the best ceiling in the world, but it’s definitely up there.
  • Farmer: Can you help me to round up these 27 sheep? Me: Yes, 30.
  • Why have you got a lion and a witch in your wardrobe? Narnia business.