Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

Third Sunday of Easter 26 April 2020

For Catholics on the Tendring Peninsula….

SPECIAL NEWSLETTER V – keeping in touch.

THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTER                                                                                                          25/26 April 2020

Catholic Parishes of:

Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Dovercourt:              01255 503383

email                     Harwich@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website                 www.harwichcatholics.org.uk

Sacred Heart and St Francis of Assisi, Frinton-on-Sea:         01255 674475

email                     Frinton@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website:                 www.frintoncatholicchurch.wordpress.com

‘Private’ Masses to be celebrated in our churches this week:             

Monday (27th):                       (Frinton)                  9.00am   The Filipino Community

Wednesday (29th):                  (Frinton)                  11.00am  Marie Hinds and Anne Latimer RIP

Thursday (30th):                      (Frinton)                 11.00am  Michael & Mary Haughton RIP

Friday (1st):                             (Frinton)                  9.00am   Brigid Fallon RIP

Saturday (2nd):                        (Frinton)                  6.00pm   Noah Koncewicz

Sunday (3rd)                            (Dovercourt)           10.45am Susan Clarke RIP (Alice & David)

(I have changed this pattern to comply as best I can with Government restrictions on travelling)

In addition to these Masses, Fr Bill will continue to celebrate Mass in The Presbytery. His intentions this week are:

The Repman Family

NHS Staff, Carers, Key Workers & Volunteers

Private Intentions

Alice McCarthy RIP

All Parishioners


My dear friends,

People have been regretting that our churches are closed and asking why it should be so. There are three reasons why we have been instructed by the bishop to keep them locked: (1) to discourage people from leaving home when they should be staying there, (2) to ensure that people do not unintentionally meet others in a confined space, and (3) to avoid leaving harmful Coronavirus on hard surfaces. Remember: Stay at home. Protect the NHS. And save lives.

Last Sunday the gospel reading featured ‘doubting’ Thomas. Before the Dovercourt Mass I had the joy of being able to meditate on the St Thomas window in the chapel. It’s a masterclass of Victorian iconography from the original Edward Pugin church – there are four figures: the risen Christ, with St Peter looking over his left shoulder (grey beard and red halo), St John the Evangelist looking over his right shoulder (no beard and blue halo – he was not martyred) with St Thomas (red halo) kneeling at the feet of the Risen Lord. Christ is on a raised wooden platform, fronted by encaustic tiles (very Pugin). Through the window we see Jerusalem (The New Jerusalem?) and the tree of life. Above the head of Christ is a sanctuary lamp (I Am the Light of the World). The legend at the foot of the window: My Lord and my God.

Today the Gospel reading is the Risen Lord’s encounter with the two disciples on the Emmaus road. This will remind Frinton parishioners of the triptych on the east wall – this shows the Risen Lord breaking the bread.  Those early Christians knew right from the beginning that Christ was present in the Eucharist. After the wonderful experience at supper, they walked the 7 miles back to Jerusalem and told the others assembled in the upper room – “We recognised him in the breaking of the bread!”

May Christ, our Risen Lord, bless you now and always.

Fr Frank

A hymn for Easter:

Thine be the glory, risen conquering Son,                                              Lo, Jesus meets us risen from the tomb;

Endless is the victory thou o’er death hast won;                                   lovingly he greets us, scatters fear and gloom;

Angels in bright raiment rolled the stone away,                                   let the Church with gladness hymns of triumph sing,

Kept the folded grave-clothes, where thy body lay.                              For her Lord is living, death has lost its sting.


Jesus travelled to Emmaus with two disciples; may He be our companion on the way also. May the time soon come when we are once again able to break bread together (AJ).



I know that many of you will be suffering economically as a result of the pandemic, but you may like to continue to contribute to the Church as best you can. Our parish income has gone down by many £100s each week. A simple way of doing this is to click on the appropriate link below and follow the very simple instructions. Good luck!


For Harwich & Dovercourt parishioners: https://www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/donations?parish=harwich-and-dovercourt

for Frinton & Walton parishioners: https://www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/donations?parish=frinton-on-sea


Sunday Smile: A priest, driving far too fast, had to scream to a standstill to avoid an accident. When the angry driver of the other car stormed over to exchange words, the priest handed him his calling card: Fr Paul is sorry to have missed you. He hopes to make contact with you next time.