Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

The Most Ho9ly Trinity (Year C) 16 June 2019

Fr Frank writes:

My Dear Friends,

For many the Trinity is a problem to be reckoned with rather than a mystery to be entered into. If we take this line we find difficulties as we face what St Thomas Aquinas termed “the misery of language”. How difficult it is to express what we feel. How limiting we can find language when trying to express religious truth. How inadequate we can feel when contemplating infinity. It simply makes me feel like retreating into mystical silence.

Rather than wasting our time trying to ‘work it out’ I suggest we simply accept that God manifests himself in different ways – and be thankful!

Do keep in your prayers three young people from the Harwich & Dovercourt Parish; Ava, Tilly and James, who will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation at Mass today (Trinity Sunday).

We celebrate First Holy Communions in both parishes next week (the feast of Corpus Christi). Do please pray for Lana, Henry and Cameron (Frinton Vigil Mass) and Audrey, Emily, Emily-Rose and Evie (Sunday Mass at Dovercourt). Pray too for their catechists, parents and family.

You will no doubt be aware by now that Anne’s mother died on Sunday 2nd June. Her funeral takes place in Coventry on Wednesday (19th). Consequently, Anne and I will be away from Tuesday 18th to the afternoon of Thursday 20th. My apologies for the paucity of Masses at Frinton and my heartfelt thanks to our Eucharistic Ministers who will be providing services of the Word and Holy Communion on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and to Fr Bill who will be celebrating the weekday Masses at Dovercourt.

May God bless you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Frank ofs

Sunday Smile:

The rector was ill in hospital and was visited by his churchwarden who said, “Rector, we had a meeting of the Church Council last night and a resolution put forward wishing you a speedy recovery was passed by fourteen votes to twelve.