Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year B) 14 February

For Catholics on the Tendring Peninsula….

SPECIAL NEWSLETTER XLII – keeping in touch


SIXTH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (YEAR B)                                                               13/14 February 2021



Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Dovercourt:             01255 503383

email                       Harwich@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website                   www.harwichcatholics.org.uk

Sacred Heart and St Francis of Assisi, Frinton-on-Sea:         01255 674475

email                       Frinton@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website:                  www.frintoncatholicchurch.wordpress.com


Masses to be celebrated in our churches this week:

Monday (15th)                      (Dovercourt)         9.30am                 Mary Bennett RIP



Wednesday (17th)               (Frinton)                9.00am                 Valerie Coffey (Nuala)

                                                (Dovercourt)         11.00am All Parishioners


Thursday (18th)                    (Frinton)                11.00am Mary Heneghan (Nuala)

Friday (19th)                          (Dovercourt)         9.30am                 Dennis McCarthy RIP (Maura and family)

Saturday (20th)                     (Frinton)                6.00pm                 Private Intentions (Anne Jackson)

Sunday (21st)                        (Frinton)                8.30am                 The Botha Family

                                                (Dovercourt)         10.45am Anne Emerson RIP (Sheila Davis)

*please note that there will be no imposition of ashes this year owing to the Coronavirus.


In addition to these Masses, Fr Bill will continue to celebrate Mass in The Presbytery.  His Mass intentions are:

June Smith RIP

The needy and hungry of the world

Sydney James Fisher RIP

Candidates for the Sacraments

Private Intentions


Sunday Mass attendance, February 2021:  13/14 Feb surnames L-R;  20/21 Feb S-Z;

27/28 Feb A-D.  Please note that there are no alphabetical restrictions applied to weekday Masses.


Church Finance:  as you can probably imagine our income has seriously reduced of late.  A good way of continuing to support the church, even on Sundays when you are unable to be present, is to convert your envelope or cash giving to Standing Order.  This is a well-tried method, but it would be helpful if more parishioners could use it, particularly during the Covid-19 Pandemic. All you need do is contact your bank to set up a standing order.  This would normally be a standard payment of a fixed amount each month.  Our bank account details for both parishes are:  Bank, HSBC, Sort Code 40-13-22.  The Account numbers are, for “Catholic Church Harwich & Dovercourt”, 61019767 and for “Catholic Church Frinton on Sea”, 61019643.  Your instructions to your bank should include some mention of either your surname or the word “Offertory”.  All matters regarding this form of regular giving are kept strictly confidential.  If you have any queries and are a Harwich & Dovercourt parishioner please contact Jane in the Office, if you are a Frinton parishioner, please contact Fr Frank.


You may like to make payments via the diocesan on-line donation facility. For Harwich go to:


for Frinton:  https://www.dioceseofbrentwood.net/donations?parish=frinton-on-sea



Sunday Smile:  It really happened!  At a Methodist church the minister announced, “We’ll now sing ‘Stand up, stand up for Jesus’ and we’ll sing this one sitting down.” (you couldn’t make it up!)