Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

Second Sunday of Easter (Year A)

Fellow Parishioners

After the Resurrection of Jesus the disciples met in a room, closed against others, as they were fearful of the Jews. Today we hear the story of doubting Thomas who told his fellow disciples that he would not believe unless he had seen the Risen Lord. When have we felt unable to believe? How often have we questioned our faith because we could not see Him?

When Jesus appears in the room the next week, following His greeting to the gathered disciples He immediately speaks to Thomas and invites him to put his finger into the holes in his hands and his hand into His side. At this point, Thomas responds by saying “My Lord and My God”.

When have we been able to respond to the Lord’s greeting of “Peace be with you” with “My Lord and my God.” God through His Risen Son and His Holy Spirit wants us to open our hearts to his call, to be His love in this worried world, to be His compassion in times of distress, to be His hands and His feet helping those in need, especially those who need to be held and loved.

Let us work towards becoming more faithful followers of Christ by being more Alleluia than apathetic, more peaceful than angry, more loving than arrogant and more disciple like than unknowing.

We heard at the Triduum to be more Alleluia and joyful in ourselves and by being so others will know that we are His disciples. Be happy to share your joy with others.

Sheila Wright


Thought for the Week: Sign seen on a pilgrim’s coach in Rome – Smile at all you meet today – it will drive them all crazy as they wonder why!!!!!