Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

Quadruple Edition 30 June to 21 July 2019


SS Peter and Paul                                                                                           29/30 June 2019

Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary time (Year C)                                                  6/7   July 2019

Fifteen Sunday – Sea Sunday (Year C)                                                           13/14 July 2019

Sixteenth Sunday (Year C)                                                                            20/21 July 2019


Sunday Smile:

A priest was a Doctor of Divinity and his wife was a Doctor of Medicine. A man called at the Rectory and asked if he could see “the Doctor”. The housekeeper took one look at him and said, “Which one do you want…………………..the preaching one or the practising one?”


Saints and Feast Days

Sun          30            SS Peter and Paul

Mon         1             Anniversary of Bishop Alan’s Episcopal Ordination (2014)

Wed         3             St Thomas (Feast)

Sat           6             Our Lady on Saturday

Sun          7             Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

Thurs       11            St Benedict: Patron of Europe (European Feast)

Sat           13            Our Lady on Saturday

Sun          14            Fifteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C): Sea Sunday

Mon         15            St Bonaventure (Memorial)

Tue          16            Our Lady of Mount Carmel (Optional Memorial)

Sat           20            Our Lady on Saturday

Sun          21            Sixteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)

Mon         22            St Mary Magdelene (Feast)

Tue          23            St Bridget of Sweden: Patron of Europe (European Feast)

Thurs       25            St James (Feast)

Fri            26            Ss Joachim & Anne, Parents of the BVM (Memorial)

Sat           27            Our Lady on Saturday

Sun          28            Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C)


Altar Servers: if you would like to join the serving team at either church, please let me know. You must have made your first holy communion. Thank you, Fr Frank


Ministries in Church: Do you feel left out? Do you feel you have something to offer but have never been given the opportunity? If you feel called to be a Minister of the Eucharist, or Reader, or Welcomer, or Cantor, please let me know. Thank you, Fr Frank     


Hospital Admissions: if you or one of your family is admitted to hospital, please remember to make it clear to the staff that you are Catholic and that you would like to see someone from the Chaplaincy. In the case of emergency (e.g. imminent death) please ring Fr Frank day or night.


Retiring Collections:           30th June – Institutes of Missionary Sisters (special preached appeal)

                                                14th July – Apostleship of the Sea