Our Lady Queen of Heaven
Catholic Church, Harwich, Essex

First Sunday of Advent (B) 29 November 2020

For Catholics on the Tendring Peninsula….



FIRST SUNDAY OF ADVENT (B)                                                                   28/29 November 2020



Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Dovercourt:             01255 503383

email                       Harwich@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website                   www.harwichcatholics.org.uk

Sacred Heart and St Francis of Assisi, Frinton-on-Sea:         01255 674475

email                       Frinton@dioceseofbrentwood.org

website:                  www.frintoncatholicchurch.wordpress.com


Masses to be celebrated in our churches during the week:

Wednesday (2nd):                   (Frinton)                  11.00am  Kathleen & Donncha Cronin  

Thursday (3rd):                        (Frinton)                  11.00am  Joan & Michael O’Mahony     

Friday (4th):                             (Dovercourt)           9.30am   Florence McCarthy RIP

Saturday (5th):                        (Frinton)                  6.00pm   Marie Lloyd RIP & family (Mary Lloyd)

Sunday (6th):                           (Frinton)                  8.30am   All who have helped us to get through 2020

(Dovercourt)           10.45am  All Parishioners


In addition to these Masses, Fr Bill will continue to celebrate Mass in The Presbytery.  His Mass intentions are:

Holy Souls

Edna & William Sargeant RIP (Jean Frost & Susan Tyrell)

Migrants & refugees

Alice McCarthy RIP

Katherine & Julia Butler RIP


A hymn for Sunday:

O come, O come, Emmanuel,

and ransom captive Israel,

that mourns in lonely exile here

until the Son of God appear.

The O Antiphons, or great Os, are antiphons recited at Vespers from 17 to 23 December.  They also feature in the Alleluia verses that precede the Gospel at Mass on these days.  They are a very old part of our liturgy and were certainly in use by the eighth century.  Some scholars believe that the beginning of each forms an acrostic which translates from the Latin as ‘Tomorrow I will come’. Since their earliest plainsong inception many composers through to the present day have set them to music.  They feature in at least two of our Advent hymns including that quoted above, and I will write something more on this next week.

This week’s reflection from the Gospel:  ‘And what I say to you I say to all: stay awake!’ (AJ)


Sunday Mass Attendance (both parishes – ADVENT): To give all parishioners the opportunity of attending Mass once during Advent, Sunday Masses will be open to parishioners as follows: 2nd Sunday of Advent (5/6 December), Surnames A-G; 3rd Sunday (12/13 Dec), H-O; 4th Sunday (19/20 Dec) P-Z.   Please maintain social distancing at all times.


Weekday Masses:  I am expecting and planning for ‘public’ Masses from Wednesday. Remember, there is no ‘alphabetical restriction’ at weekday Masses.


Advance notice (Christmas Masses):  I am planning for seven Christmas Masses to be celebrated across the two parishes between 24th and 27th December.  Please note that attendance will be limited to those who have pre-booked seats.  There will be some opportunity after Masses during Advent to book seats where these are still available if you have not already been able to do so.


Sunday Smile: Genuine (we are told!) notices taken from church bulletins.  The church will host an evening of fine dining, super entertainment and gracious hostility.