Church News

  1. Fourth Sunday of Lent (Readings from Year A) 31 March 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   Both the story of the blind man (in today’s Gospel) and the story of the selection of David as King (first reading) speak to us of God’s choices.   Because God sees into the heart, sees the potential in a person, he chooses differently from the way that we might do. […]

  2. TRIPLE EDITION First, Second and Third Sundays of Lent 10/17/24 March 2019

    This week’s news for both Parishes   During Lent; we are asked to pray for these intentions: Candidates for the Sacraments; Women; The Needy and Hungry of the World; Survivors of Sexual Abuse; Penitents and Wanderers.   The Holy Father’s Mission Intention for March: that Christian communities, especially those who are persecuted, feel that they […]

  3. The Eighth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C)

    Fr Frank writes:   This week marks the beginning of Lent. There will be Masses in our two parishes on Ash Wednesday, both with the imposition of Ashes. The Frinton Mass will be at 9.00am and the Dovercourt Mass at 11.30am. I’m sure you do not need me to remind you of the significance of […]

  4. The Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C) Racial Justice Day 17 February 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   Today’s readings remind us of the importance of Trust in our life of Faith.   There is a problem in that life teaches us to be suspicious of others. We avoid letting our vulnerability show, and we do not like others to see how weak we really are. But should we […]

  5. The Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time 10 February 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   Today’s readings point us to the Sacrament of Reconciliation – a real gift to the Church.   In our first reading the prophet Isaiah has a vision of God, and with this he experiences a profound sense of his own unworthiness. This is something with which we can all identify, for […]

  6. The Fifth Sunday of Ordinary Time (Year C) 3 February 2019

    Fr Frank writes:   On Thursday of this week, the Frinton & Walton Parish hosts a meeting of our ‘Parish Partnership’. This meeting will involve both parishes, Fr Frank will be present as will Sheila Wright, representing Frinton & Walton, and Maree Noons, representing Harwich & Dovercourt.   The Partnership concept is a new initiative […]